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Garden Prep with Essential Oils

Garden Prep

Garden Prep

We have finally gotten moved in to our new (to us) home. We have downsized quite a bit and are continuing to change our lifestyle to a more simple existence. Unfortunately, the simplicity starts with lots of complications. :-/ We have lots of work to do on the inside of the house (more on that later), and the outside needs some TLC as well. Yes, the picture above is the “before” pic for our garden. We’ve got a long way to go.

We are going to start by clearing out the grass. We are going for a drastic move since we don’t want to keep digging grass out of our garden. However, I refuse to use dangerous chemicals. That means I need an all natural alternative.

My research led me to The Thrifty Couple and their DIY version. You can find out more at their website but the basic ingredients are vinegar, salt, Dawn or oil (I’m going with coconut oil), and a citrus essential oil. We have been using essential oils in our home for a while now and love them! (If you want to find out more about how essential oils can work for your family go here.) I will let you know how this concoction works in the near future.

Now if only I had an alternative to digging out concrete…



Teaching Kids to Knit


I have been knitting for several years now and truly love doing it. I hadn’t really thought about teaching Malcolm to knit until I started reading and thinking about what is involved in the craft. There is so much more to it than just making a scarf or a sweater. The following is an excerpt of an article on children and knitting:

“What occurs when a child sets about to knit?  Needles are held in both hands, with each hand assigned its respective activity.  Laterality is immediately established, as well as the eye’s control over the hand.  From the outset, the child is asserting a degree of control over his will.  The right needle must enter a rather tightly-wound loop of yarn on the left needle, weave it through and pull it away, in the process tying a knot.  Only a steady, controlled hand can accomplish such a feat, so the power of concentration is awakened — indeed, there is no other activity performed by seven or eight year-olds that can evoke such a degree of attentiveness as knitting.”  – Discover Waldorf Education: Knitting and Intellectual Development: The Role of Handwork in the Waldorf Curriculum from the Millenial Child Blog