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It’s Time to Decorate!

I have never been the most enthusiastic about Halloween but this year is different. Malcolm is too old to trick-or-treat and he loves handing out the candy. So that means we are staying home and making our own fun and decorations. I have starting doing some looking around (and “Pin-ing”, of course) and the ideas above are where we are going to start.

  1. Spiderwebs out of black plastic trash bags from Fast Forward.
  2. Little mice hiding around the corner from Martha Stewart.
  3. This monster at the door will be great fun on Halloween night!
  4. The bats are loose – all over the walls! Such a cute idea from Made Everyday.

What ideas have you found?



Spring Fling Favors


A friend of mine is planning a great spring party. I have worked with her in the past creating different items for her parties and she tasked me with creating these great drink stirrers that she came across online here. I took the idea from that tutorial, added this tutorial on the flowers and voila! –  my version!