Print your Own – Rose Cards

As you have probably guessed, I really love to take photos. We have a great Botanical Garden here in town and I have a great time just walking around and shooting blooms and plants. The roses there are great!

I am trying to actually use my photos for things I create (as opposed to leaving them stuck on my camera or in my phone which I have done many times… :-P) so I am creating these blank cards that are easy to print and use immediately. This is the second in the plant series. (Here is the first set of cards with a free download.) I have a few more photos that I will be using in the near future. To create your own rose cards all you have to do is purchase them here in my Etsy shop, download the .pdf file, print, cut, and fold. Very easy and you can create as many as you want from one file. I have set up part of the file to use as a print, cut, and affix to card stock file. That way you can create a colorful card if you choose. Which way will you create your card?

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