The Loome


Loome on the left in the works with silk eyelash yarn and crochet cotton.
Mini-weaving at the bottom woven with recycled sari yarn that will be added to a bracelet.
Pompom and tassels made with the Loome on the right.

I am a little obsessed with weaving lately – any kind of weaving. When I saw these cute little looms, or Loomes, I though they would be fun and they are! Because of the shape, they are not just for weaving. They are great for pompoms, tassels, and friendship bracelet type of cording. Very versatile.

Their website has great little videos and instructions to help you make all kinds of cute fiber-y things.


I have tried a few different things – mini-weavings, some tassels, and a pompom. Have you seen the dangly tassels hanging off colorful purses? They are so cute and fun so I created my own to go on my handmade bag. (More on the bag later.)


The pompom was created with heavy worsted wool yarn and the tassels with sparkly crochet cotton. I then took the strings that they hang from and strung them with glass beads. I threaded the tassel strings through the middle of the pompom and tied them off at the top. That way it is all connected and hangs just right. I gotta make a few more of these!




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