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I am starting a new series this week – In the Works. I am always working on a new project and I know you are too. Let’s share!

My In the Works project this week is hand knit socks. I think I have finally figured out the best recipe for the best fitting socks. I say recipe because it is a series of parts put together to create one finished result.

  • I prefer starting on the toe so I start with Judy’s Magic Cast On. It is strange at first but when I realized it was similar to the long-tail cast on, it clicked. There are videos available to watch it being done too which are very helpful.
  • After I have knit up to the edge of the toe box or line, I pick out my body pattern. I have used pre-made patterns and I have created one of my own. I have decided that I prefer a bit of a lace pattern – even a very simple one. I like a bit of open spacing in the body of the sock. Of course the sole of the sock is knit in regular stockinette.
  • For the length of the foot I use the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. For only $1 you get an amazing way of doing a sock heel along with a way to create a form to use to make sure everything fits perfectly. You can use it toe-up or cuff-down so whatever your preference, it will work. Plus, I can know do this heel with very little reminder of how it works. I think the next pair I make will require none. Fingers crossed! 🙂
  • I continue my pattern on the top of the sock through the heel and begin the pattern on the back of the sock about an inch above the heel. I keep on going until time to do 2×2 ribbing.
  • I finish my sock with Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off. It really makes the sock easy to put on and take off. Like with the cast-on, there are videos for this one too.

With this recipe, I can create endless socks in my own way for any size, no pattern needed.


What do you have In the Works?




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