Sticker Burr Outdoors


A good friend of ours has just written a wonderful book for boys. It is called First Deer. It is about a boy going hunting with dad and all that goes in to the journey. We are so excited to be a part of Brian’s journey. Our company, Chilcoat Studios, was hired to create the new logo and to layout the book. We are in the process of setting up the website and various other marketing things.

Before that happened we needed photographs so I got to do one of my favorite things! We rounded up a bunch of boys from Malcolm’s scout troop and family friends, dressed them up and started shooting.


These boys did such a great job following my direction and it was really hot and sticky that day! Be on the lookout for the website to order your own Sticker Burr Outdoors t-shirts, hats, and another way to order the book First Deer!



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